Hello there fellow foodie!

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Sara. I am Freckle Face Foodie. I create easy recipes that are healthier AND flavorful. Life is too short to eat boring food! It's also too short to be on a “diet” all the time. Make healthy eating a lifestyle. If you eat healthier foods 80% of the time, you can indulge 20% of the time. All in moderation, right?

My love for cooking started with my sisters and I making English muffin pizzas and crepes after school. My favorite meal as a kid: Grandma’s (and Mom’s) fried chicken, Dad’s chicken noodle soup, and Mom’s crab roll ups (lasagna noodles spread with ricotta and crab meat, topped with spaghetti sauce). Growing up, those crab rolls were always my birthday dinner request.

Before kids, my husband, Chad, and I would make some amazing meals paired with wines (yes, wines… plural). Now, with two kids, life is a bit different. A big challenge is making meals and snacks that our two tots will 1.) eat and 2.) that have some sort of nutritional value.

I’m constantly trying to find a new recipe my kids will love, even if it’s only for a few meals, before they decide they no longer like carrots (insert eye roll). That’s why I started this blog! I know I’m not the only foodie out there looking for something to make – that the whole family will eat – (or just your picky significant other) that is on the healthy side.

I stay away from white sugar and flour in my recipes, focusing more on natural sweeteners and whole wheat flour. However, I offer up substitute ingredients as well. 

So, that’s what you can expect from this blog. Recipes that are easy, healthy, delicious, and approved by (at least one of) my kids. However, it’s not all about what everyone else likes. Mama’s gotta cater to her likes too. This mama likes beets, beers, and Boursin. There will be grown up recipes here too!

I've had the privilege of being featured in Bold Journey Magazine and Canvas Rebel Magazine. These features have allowed me to share my expertise and experiences with a wider audience, and I'm grateful for the opportunities they've provided.

Thanks again for stopping by. 

Cheers from this freckle face foodie!

Sara Walkenbach, the Freckle Face Foodie, creates healthy recipes.